Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mi Nueva Casa: Let’s build a Merry Christmas

With a recent grant we received from the Evan Cornish Foundation, our project partners in Villa Maria in Peru are working hard with local youth to complete the construction of 7 new houses for the poorest families in the surrounding communities - just in time for Christmas.

Helping to reduce poverty

Located on the outskirts of Peru’s capital, Lima, many people in Villa Maria live in extreme poverty. Having patched up whatever they could get their hands on, often scraps of corrugated iron, wood and plastic, to form some kind of basic shelter. Many families also have limited or no access to basic facilities such as running water, electricity or sanitation. The harsh winter only makes matters worse. The houses we help build are single-storey wooden constructions that are solid, warm, stay dry and offer protection from the wind. 

Engaging local youth

Our housing initiative, ‘Mi Nueva Casa’ is all about helping the communities in Villa Maria improve their living conditions and it is usually carried out with the support of international volunteers. However, this time around, we are engaging local youth in our efforts, encouraging solidarity within the community and empowering the youngsters.

Meet the families and the youth 

Since 2007, our house building initiative has helped the most needy in Villa Maria. Meet the families who we are currently helping and the youth who are supporting our project partners on the ground. 


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